When we buy belts,wallet shoes and many leather products that we use in daily life, there are always questions in our minds? This is my real skin? Artificial Skin?So how do we figure that out?

First of all, the raw material of artificial leather is plastic. For this reason, artificial leather has a plastic smell. Genuine leather has a unique, familiar smell.

You can also understand the quality of the used skin by touching it. The main element of this difference is the pores, which you will understand by tapping between real leather and artificial leather. These pores differ depending on the type of animal skin used. For example, the skins made of the back section and abdomen are slightly thicker.

The quality of a skin depends on its passing through a quality process. Leather processed with high quality chemicals is also of high quality compared to this. Otherwise, the result will not be good, no matter how high quality leather is treated with simple chemicals that are cheaply escaped.

The quality of a skin doesn't mean it's brand. Every skin that is a product of a frequently touched understanding that is eliminated fine yields good results. To buy a quality leather product, of course, it is necessary to apply to the derators who are the workers of this business. Because the compenders do it from scratch. So you can have leather products that are both better quality and cheaper in the Derby. How does the real skin get along? True skin does not make pronounced folds. For example, when you curl your elbow, the folds are not too sharp. Makes smooth transitions. You can understand the texture. How's that? The real skin can show a different look. It's not a homogeneous one. Imitations are oppression, so every place looks the same. When you look carefully, the indentation on the skin you see is not homogeneous, which is caused by different tissues of the animal, it comes from its naturality.